Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Summer Necklaces 2014

I'm back to work, but I'm also kind of stuck! I'm impatiently waiting for the new gemstones, on their way from Belgium, and for the new silks, from India.

If you follow me, you'll know by now I generally buy fabrics in Paris, and gemstones in Italy. However, silks at the moment are very pricey in Europe, I couldn't find a decent bargain! So, for my new set of silk obi belts (...which sold out, aye!!!) I went back to my first love, Fabric and Trims. In the meantime, thanks to the red wedding dress parenthesis, I had the chance to find out a new gemstone reseller. I'll let you know if all the waiting was worth it...as soon as my order arrives!

So, today I'm posting pictures of two summer necklaces listed on Etsy I really like. It may be hard to believe, but there is a difference between summer jewelry, and winter jewelry.

First. Summer jewelry must be feather-like! When you are struggling with your breath, you don't want to feel like your necklace is trying to strangle you.

Second. Summer jewelry must avoid metal beads! Common metal leagues are more keen to react with the skin, resulting into unpleasant feelings.

Third. Summer jewelry must look great on tan. There are at least two reasons why on summer we go for color. One surely spiritual - in the sun, we celebrate life - , and one quite profane - in the sun we get a nice tan!

Have a nice day,



  1. You're so right about metal jewelry during summer: I have a couple of friends whose skin reacts to sweat plus metal. Sometimes they have to coat their favorite jewels with clear nail polish to avoid the reaction, but wearing something like your beautiful gemstone necklaces is better!
    Btw, no tan for me! XD But I love those coral hues of your creations even on pale skin!

    1. ...Exactly, Tine! And discomfort happens also to less sensitive people! BTW, I'm not getting a decent tan since I was very, very young! In the summer, I just get more freckles :D