Saturday, 16 August 2014

Obi mission 2014: a complete overview!

As diligent students, my handmade silk obi belts won't stop cheering me up!

Today I'm posting the pictures of the new colours. I immediately sold out the black one! I knew black would be appreciated, but that was kind of...swift.

It's a nice collection. Looking at it as a whole puts the effort of making each one by hand in the right perspective. It's not just satisfaction, it's a relief! 

It also offers some rest to the mumbling brain...questions like: Was it worthy?! Am I offering enough colours?! Would I buy more taffeta or go back to raw silk? will hopefully have clear answers in the next few months!

I must admit I'm a little upset about the patchwork padded obi, which instead didn't have any commercial success! It's a pity!

Well, I get it, a fine accessory attracted more buyers than those funny things!
...My poor misunderstood creatures, don't worry, mama loves you!

Looking at the bright side...If I don't sell something, sooner or later it will end up in my closet
...aand everyone wins!!!

Have a nice week end,



  1. Fantastic silk collection

    Ciao from Italy

  2. A me ad esempio piace molto la prima!

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