Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Back to the Future!

I recently found out that coming back is not always that easy. I should write a book about it. A book for people moving around all the time. Stay here three weeks, go there one week, stay a few days, go elsewhere...

No, I'm not homeless! And I know it is no big deal, all the traveling. I have many friends who are always away from home - for a reason, or another (well, some of them developed anxiety towards stations, and airports).

Anyway, I now have the feeling. And I hate it!

It is kind of a cry from within, like I'm again five years old ("...Mom, I want to go home!").
Point is, I'm already back home (" silly!").
Basically, a total space/time short circuit.

I guess the feeling is like if you left a piece behind. I probably left mine in a hotel. Also, it may strike you like the certainty you forgot something, but, since you forgot, you don't know what's missing.

So...does this happen to you? Do you know the feeling...or it's just me?! Well, I hope that damn piece catches up with me. In the meantime, enjoy these picks from my garden! The Irish one, for gardening lovers.

Have  nice day


Wednesday, 17 September 2014

À la Rentrée!

Good morning, how are you?! A few days ago I was back from my holidays in Italy, where I had the privilege to enjoy gorgeous landscapes - mountains, hills, crowded seasides -, eat molto gelato, and sleep without blankets. Overall, a great time off.

I wish I was able to catch up with myself faster, but - I have to say it -, my head is still floating somewhere over the rainbow!

Confused by relaxation, I thought it would be a good idea giving a look to my many "left behind" projects. I opened The Big Box, and started picking up fabric scraps, ribbons, buttons, zips... aaand, I don't know how, I ended up sewing the new jewelry cases! 
Oh yes, because everything in my shop comes with a complimentary jewelry bag I personally sew. I think it well represents the care I put in my work. But - and I've been thinking about it for ages - it's time to change!

The new cases are a padded fabric fold: no strings, no zip, no button. As simple as that. I made them out of silk, and felt. I would have loved to come up with something resembling a box, but...sincerely, to keep shipping costs decent, they must fit a large envelop. So...flat it is!

Have a nice day