Friday, 24 October 2014

Bags! Bags! Bags!

...yes, I'm renewing the bag section of my shop. I'm still working on it, so there's not much to see. I want to show you some of the new items though, before you start thinking my volcanic mind is entering the power-save mode. Because it's not.

I literally love shopping bags, but ours is not a easy relation. I use them a lot, and find them quite fancy as fashion accessory.
I use them because I don't have a car - well, I used to, but I chose not to have one -, and so I go from shop to shop, from market to market for my grocery shopping. 
If I gave up the comfort of a car, it's only because we decided to live in city centre, where everything is at hand. Well, it is and it is not. I mean, things tends to ignore my preposterous life choices, and weigh on my poor back!

So I generally do my shopping a bit at a time...on lunch breaks, on my way home, and of course, on weekends. It's not the most practical way of getting things done, but it is what it is.

So, it's all very European and trendy, but now, seriously, let's talk about outfits. I've been enslaved to a ugly backpack for years! It was time to get rid of it, and buy a nice, feminine bag! But how to manage bulky items?!

Eventually, I went for the combo bag/shopping bag: inside the brand new elegant bag I keep, folded, my canvas shopping bag(s). 
But here it comes the unpleasant counterpart. Shopping bags are used to promote brands, or as souvenirs. I don't like wearing someone else's advertisement.
I don't even like alternative trends of sorts: moustaches, font compositions, or deer's heads - those are the worst! I feel sorry to say so, as they're doing so well on Etsy, but I need to be honest here: there's a limit beyond which trendy becomes...creepy.
I know. I am picky. And to be fair, I think the only solution, for people like me, is to switch to DIY. So I did it. I made my own. Again. And since I was already sewing, I also made some minor alterations to the basic model, to make my bags truly good for me.

I'll add a tutorial as soon as possible so that you can Do It Yourself! Meanwhile, find them in my shop, and fell free to use the coupon code NOVELTYBAGS for purchasing one, or more! The coupon expires November 30, 2014.

Have a nice week end



  1. bella..mi piace quella con le mele... :-)

    1. Grazie cara! Piace molto anche a me, nonostante la fantasia a pioggia sia irresistibile!

  2. Fancy bags:) I also live in city centre and now I don't need car at all, so I understand what you are talking about:)

    1. Dear Agnieszka, I appreciate! It's not a rarity but still...many friends of mine preferred to live in suburbias!

  3. le mele, graziosissime!!! Lucy

  4. Sono tutte bellissime! Mi piacciono molto belli i tessuti!

  5. I tessuti di queste borse son molto belle!

  6. First let me begin by saying, "A girl can never have too many bags!" I have them in every shape and size. They take up about half of my closet. The hubster just rolls his eyes when I come home with a new one, or I've made one. Your bags are adorable!

    I'm kind of envious of you. I've always dreamed of living in a place like that. How cool it would be not to worry about having a flat tire, or shoveling behind the car so you can leave the house. I always thought it would be so much fun to live in an area where you can get anything you need by walking. What great exercise. Those places are always so charming too. I've mentioned this to my daughter and she told me I have to stop watching House Hunters International. After watching that show, I seriously want to go pack my bags! My job can go anywhere with me, but the hubster works in the steel mill so I suppose there aren't all that many of them around.

    1. Thank you so much Sheryl! Recently, a friend of mine talked to me about House Hunters with the same enthusiasm: he now wants to retire to Tuscany! ...I must watch it! I know I'm lucky…but don’t be envious, because there are downsides living everywhere - and Ireland is no exception! Anyways, I ended up living here for my boyfriend found a good job so our story is not that different from yours. Walking home in rainy days, loaded with grocery shopping, I sometimes dream of those nice American suburbia, sunny and tidy, and I long for driving a SUV - which I don't even like, by the way! No steel mills here, but there are still a few in Europe...Don't give up!!!

  7. Bellissimi i tessuti... mi piacciono tutte!

    Ciao bellissima!


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  8. Sono stupende e così originali.
    La stampa con la mela l'ho adorata.
    Un bacione
    Maggie D.
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