Friday, 31 October 2014

Pyrite: of Ice and Fire.

Pyrite is known for all the wrong reasons. Possibly, it hasn't had a good PR in centuries.

For instance, when I was a child, my father introduced it to me as "fool's gold". Then, when I moved to Dublin, I found out that in Ireland it is mostly associated with construction risks, because of pyrite heave.
It doesn't even have a nice name. "Pyrite"...I can't be sure in English, but in Italian sounds kind of lame! Instead, it is Greek for "of fire" - quite a powerful word - because it can spark, and ignite fires.

This summer I bought some pyrite beads - out of curiosity -, because I had never seen them before. I thought I'd give it a try as jewellery components.

I couldn't be be more happy. Once cut and polished, pyrite looks like silver, but preserves the warm glow of gold. It has black veins, and cracks that make the beads look antique, and unique.

Being a mineral, it has a metallic texture, but it is not heavy. Basically, it is perfect for jewellery making. I made the necklace above, and the two pairs of chain earrings. I think it's nice also mixed with other gemstones, like the tiger's eye below:

My conclusion about pyrite is that as a stone, it has been mistreated! It is great to work with, and inspiring. Moreover, it looks like silver, and glows like gold: it has both fire and ice inside!

Have a nice Halloween, 
and week end!



  1. very interesting article- thanks for sharing, and those jewellery looks very unique:)

    1. thank you for reading! I love to find out new things I can work with!

  2. Invece tu pensa che io l'ho sempre associata a qualcosa di nobile!

    1. ...ah, invece io mi ero fatta fregare dalla prima impressione, quella di "oro falso"! In realtà lavorata è bellissima!

  3. Mi è sempre piaciuta la pirite, io ho una passione per i minerali! Lucy

    1. io da bambina li collezionavo, ma non ci pensavo più da un po'! Sono affascinanti!

  4. hi doll!
    wow! it looks so amazing!
    those colors are so beautiful!
    amazing stylish taste!
    so let me know if we can follow each other for keep in touch :)
    I always follow back :)
    have a great day :*

  5. All the pieces are beautiful. Yes, it is a nice look. The heart earrings are adorable, my favorites!

  6. this is a really lovely piece of pyrite, I envy you, lucky you :D