Sunday, 30 November 2014

Etsy Gift Guide for Dummies.

Since we are officially entering the gift-hunting season, it's time for me to put to good use my considerable knowledge of Etsy!

Etsy is no simple marketplace, many shops I used to purchase from are now closed - maybe on vacation, maybe disappeared into a search black hole. So I'll mention only a few things I've had the chance to find, like, and buy recently.

Trendy items: the wrap watch. I bought mine from Villa Sorgenfrei, a etsy shop based in Berlin, Germany. Run by Claudia, it sells assembled time pieces, and jewelry.
What I can tell is that: the wrap is actually leather, and ages nicely; the piece as a whole has comfortable proportions, and it's easy to put on and off; eventually, it's quite resilient. The price is fair when compared to the average cost for the same product (about 22 euro), but postal charges are minimal. My watch came inside a elegant cardboard box, with a spare battery, and a complimentary stainless steel charm.

Original postcards: the 3D papercraft kit. I love frogs. But I love brilliant cards even more. So, to make a very special young lady smile, I purchased this card from Paper Wolf, and had it delivered directly to her letterbox. Run by Wolfram, PaperWolf is also based in Germany. It sells the most amazing papercraft kits, which tend to turn into fantastic 3D paper sculptures.
As for Villa SorgenfreiPaper Wolf's prices and postal charges are quite fair.
My recommendation: not to be missed!

The ultimate treat: handmade potteryL'Officina is to me one of the unforgettable etsy shop. Run by Sonia, a ceramist based in Italy, her teapots (above) are just stunning, and would do well in art galleries. Unfortunately, they are a little pricey for me! On the bright side, in her shop you'll find tons of absolutely inexpensive gift ideas!

...Gosh, I think I'm in love with that car!

Have a nice day,


Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Orange Gift Guide!

After purple, the first colour that comes to my mind is orange! Orange, to me, it's a sugar rush without calories involved. Possibly not so trendy as purple, orange is for the brave. 
Nowadays it is no longer considered a spiritual colour, but it was - and maybe still is - sacred to che Catholics, together with white, and sky blue. Then I guess Buddhist monks have those nice tunics for a reason!
On vogue in the 80s, it came back as Pantone colour of the year  2012 ("tangerine tango"). Being made by adding yellow to red, it matches well with both. In forniture textiles is often found with hot pink, while we definitely prefer to wear it with neutrals, greys, or blacks.

In my shop, orange comes in a infinite range of shades and textures, solid, or combined. I especially love the polished, magmatic look of carnelian (first picture), but I also have a soft spot for burnt orange (last picture), and the shiny one (picture in between). 

Have a nice day,


Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Purple Gift Guide!

With holiday season at our doorstep, it's definitely time for gift guides!

Today I've collected a few pieces of purple jewellery form my shop. I'm starting with purple because as it's very popular, and everyone likes it.

Purple is a easy combo for black, grey, and neutral outfits...and yet, can be nicely mixed and matched with greens, and oranges. It's basic colour theory, but I really love that contrast!

Here I've combined straightforward handmade designs with a huge range of material, from gemstone to wood. As purple in jewellery making may mean wood, agate, amethyst, glass, crystal, plastic, enamel...and even china!

My only recommendation during your Christmas shopping: not always prices are fair during holiday season, so be prepared to value carefully any purchase. Plus, if gemstone is cheaper than plastic, it's no gemstone.

In my shop, the price is made by beads' quality, and sometimes findings. If you have any question, drop me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as possible, with all the information you may want, or need. 

Back to purple, I think there are few colours as versatile. Trendy, sophisticated, and the very special charm bracelet below, full of nostalgic colours and images.

...Before leaving you, please check this out! There is a 20% off discount in my shop, great if you want to buy your Christmas presents this month! Plus, gift wrapping is always available for free upon request!

Have a nice day,


Sunday, 9 November 2014

La Piccola Bottega dell'Alchimista, Dinner Set.

This is a very special post. Possibly a "thank you" post. Today I'm writing about fellow Italian crafter, ceramist, and artist Annarita Petrini.

I stumbled upon her creations when I opened my Esty shop. Her stoneware is gorgeous, and her graphics would do well on a fable book!
What really enchanted me though is that she is able to renew tradition, using a timeless know-how for modeling her own art. Now, it may sound just "ok", but I can assure you it is no easy task. You must have found your voice, and be able to use it.

Anyway, I've always thought I would end up buying one of her whimsical tea pots. Instead, I happened to be looking for a dinner set. And I'm still congratulating myself for contacting her!

A huge box was delivered to me a few days ago. When I opened it, I almost passed out! There it was, my perfect country style Italian dinner set. With a fairy twist.

I find only now the time to share hints of her stunning work, and thank her for making me happy!

Have a nice day!

****Find her here La Piccola Bottega dell'Alchimista, and on Facebook****