Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Orange Gift Guide!

After purple, the first colour that comes to my mind is orange! Orange, to me, it's a sugar rush without calories involved. Possibly not so trendy as purple, orange is for the brave. 
Nowadays it is no longer considered a spiritual colour, but it was - and maybe still is - sacred to che Catholics, together with white, and sky blue. Then I guess Buddhist monks have those nice tunics for a reason!
On vogue in the 80s, it came back as Pantone colour of the year  2012 ("tangerine tango"). Being made by adding yellow to red, it matches well with both. In forniture textiles is often found with hot pink, while we definitely prefer to wear it with neutrals, greys, or blacks.

In my shop, orange comes in a infinite range of shades and textures, solid, or combined. I especially love the polished, magmatic look of carnelian (first picture), but I also have a soft spot for burnt orange (last picture), and the shiny one (picture in between). 

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  1. adoro l'arancione...
    un bacio e buona giornata

    1. grazie Maria Felicia, anche se sono un po' in ritardo!