Friday, 12 December 2014

Green Gift Guide!

Today I'm back with my colour-inspired gift lists! 

This time, I definitely went for green! Why? Because green is the colour of hope, and the coming of Christmas makes me feel hopeful. After all, Christmas celebrates the end of the dark, metaphorically ...and not: the day gets longer and longer, and in the blink of an eye, it's spring again!

Hope is surely an attitude, with tons of fabulous side effects, like...that you never give up, and keep going no matter what, because you know it will be alright.

Hope is probably a state of mind, a human emotion, a feeling, and a sentiment, because I'm quite sure it can be taught. It's like a deep understanding....the kind of understanding that makes you steady, and your fears shut up! 

Green represents all this, and who wears it says to the world: I'm clever, I'm revolutionary, potentially tough, and I'll find a solution for whatever is that is bothering us. Right now!

"...I'm already working on it"

Have a nice week end,