Sunday, 7 December 2014

National Craft Fair at RDS Dublin!

This was my very first time at the annual National Craft Fair at RDS, Dublin!

I've desperately tried to see everything! I wanted to give the deserved attention to all those great crafters! In my defense, the food area may have distracted me.

However, I left quite satisfied: the atmosphere was great! The perfect prequel to any Christmas shopping. 

Silk and mohair wrap by Saolrè Knit Design.

Overall, the place was very welcoming, the heating was just right, and the lights too. The stalls had simple, yet eye-catching setups. 

 I appreciated the size of the event, which I'm hereby classifying as 'not overwhelming': there was no wandering without a clue, which is the part I hate about fairs. 

Pottery by Artisan Inishbofin.

The crafts I've seen were mostly original. Of course, there were some recurring themes, and products, but you could easily distinguish one artist's hand from the others'.

Paper Lanterns by SNOW.

Most importantly, I had the chance to complete my overview about Irish contemporary handicrafts, and incoming trends, as well as competences, and strengths. 

Naturally printed textiles by Nicola Brown, Clasheen

The thing I couldn't help looking for but couldn't find anywhere is the cheap merchandising, which I do not understand why was soooo missing! 'Cheap' it's not compromising. Let's get over it!

Besides, that's the reason way people were buying relish and cheese, in case you were wondering. Next time, I want to see huge buckets of affordable, handmade goods! Something I'd buy myself, a broke crafter, without even thinking about it. You know, to bring home a piece of your talent.

Sorry, I can't remember who makes these adorable chalkboards.

PS. Another thing that mysteriously went missing: the information point, possibly to be set at the entrance. Or a free map with the ticket, that would have also been fine!

Have a nice week,