Friday, 16 January 2015

The new gems are here!

The new gemstones have arrived, and I'm enthusiast! They are way more beautiful than I expected!

This is just the first round of the new year's gathering. Now I have to double check the inventory (...yeah, the big box!), which is THE painful task, as it generally implies counting headpins, retrieving apparently-lost-forever clasps, staring at hundreds of little bags, and of course dismounting horribly-gone-wrong jewellery.

And that's the reason why...I'm postponing. After that, it will be time for the seasonal fabric-hunting, which is fun, for it is shopping! The only sad part is that it often ends in tears, looking at the price tags...

I know, a home based business is full of perils, and has its dark moments. Like the queue at the Post Office. So, knowing the true hard times are yet to come, let's celebrate this volatile first success!

Have a nice week end,