Saturday, 28 February 2015

Latest from the Shop

Hello everybody! I know I've disappeared for a while, and that's why I'm writing some brief updates right now, before going missing again!
At the beginning of February, after months of uncertainty, we had to move from our apartment. 
Things went smooth, but the day-by-day life is still a bit unsettled, and unsettling.
We ended up in a super-nice house, so we're quite happy. 
The house was in need of some repairs, but from "one or two details" they soon became "ten or twenty fundamental things"...
However, stuff everywhere, constantly empty fridge, and the fragrant smell of paint just took over.
I've tried the best I could to keep on with the crafting, but now it's time to slow down! How? The post below shows my brilliant solution.

Well, let's face it, I'm not able to slow down. But the shop can! I'll be back full of new jewelry (and stories) just before St.Patrick!
Wait for me!

Have a nice week end,