Saturday, 28 March 2015

Apartment Therapy for Crafters

Who knew that setting up a new home would take me so much time? I didn't! An entire month has passed from my last update - two, from the last meaningful words! I can proudly say my shop's never stopped working, and orders have been fulfilled right on time, as if I wasn't overwhelmed by a tremendous mess! Unfortunately, without camera and computer, I couldn't update the blog.

So now, the least I can do is giving you a tour of my first TAZ, and crafting space. Enjoy!

I should title the post "Ikea you owe me". desk for the hacking, one desk for the making!
The small table works as chair, ladder, and light box...
All this stuff has been reclaimed from our previous home.

I'm always taking notes.
The small one comes with me at all times. 

My quite innovative cm/inch converter! 
Originally, it was a key ring.

Bad picture, but look what I found...

...a old sewing kit! 
I restored it the best I could, and now I love it!

Boxes: the round ones are for jewelry,

the square ones for fabric!

Painting colors, brushes, pastels, pencils. 
I liked too much those tomato cans, still with me after many years.

Where to keep a camera to have it always at hand? 
I solved the issue with a hanger.
The hat is useful too, for freezing times.

Old journals, full of useful notes. 
Can't stand to throw them away yet.

...More fabric!

The jewelry-making stuff takes no room, especially compared to...

...the bulky sewing machine, and iron, and sewing kit.
Next project, a venetian blind fro those shelves.