Sunday, 5 April 2015

Fine Jewelry How-To. Easy Easter Tutorial.

I've always considered impossible to make very thin necklaces at home, without the help of more technical equipment! Instead, I've been recently working on assembling fine chain chokers. Guess what? It is totally possible. I was so enthusiast I made a small spring collection I'm now listing on Etsy.

If you like them, and you want to Do It Yourself, you'll need:

- 50 cm thin snake chain. This is ideal for it is just 1mm

- 2 crimp beads, no less than 1.5mm each

- 2 clamshell beads, again about 1.5mm

- 1 lobster clasp, 10mm

- 2 jump rings, 4mm

- 1 bead, or carved gemstone 

The tools required are just scissors and pliers, round and flat headed - although I mostly use my hands. Supplies should be the same color, metal, or plate to give your necklace a nice finish!


Keeping the chain flat on a table, make the first findings pass through, following this order: crimp bead, clamshell bead, gemstone, clamshell bead, crimp bead. Use the pliers to flatten the crimp beads where you want the ends of your necklace to be and cut off the leftover. Now use your hands first and then the pliers to flat the clamshell onto the crimp beads, so to completely hide these latter. Curl the ends of the clamshell beads around the jump rings. Eventually, open one of the jump rings to secure the lobster clasp, and close it.
...Congrats, you did it!


  1. Molto carine! Tu la fai facile ma io sono una frana!

  2. Molto carine! Tu la fai facile ma io sono una frana!

  3. So simple! Thanks for sharing. I love delicate little necklaces like that.