Sunday, 26 April 2015

Sunday in the Garden

It was a lazy sunday, and not rainy at all. It's freezing, but that's probably just me, since my boyfriend is fine in his t-shirt (I'm wearing two jumpers, no kidding). 

So...we've been gardening! Very exiting, I know. I'm particularly proud of the herbs, my little babies! The idea is to plant them, if they survive the pot-fase!

Rosemary, sageoregano, thyme, mint, bay leaf 

Then, I'd like to introduce you to those immortal little fellas below, which survived cats' attacks, any possible weather, and me planting them.

..Pansies? I don't know, but they go berserker if in need!

Here the offspring of the bulbs I sowed in February. Having not followed the instructions at all, I thought they wouldn't come out! Instead, they just made a late daffodil explosion! 

I think the only rational explanation is that on this holy soil would grow even bananas. How fluffy, dark, and alive it is! Just wow. 

It's time for me to go back editing the new photo for the shop. I leave you with this amazing, weird plant. If you know what is it, let me know.


  1. beautiful pics...these flowers are amazing

    1. ....aren't they? I especially love the first, and the last photos!

  2. I love your garden pictures! I kill everything I try to care for, but I do enjoy looking at everyone else's gardens.

    Now if it would just warm up around here a little.

    1. ...thank you Sheryl! Here it's again mild or even cold, but the garden seems to enjoy it!

  3. Sono talmente belli questi fiori. Mi hai fatto riflettere molto con queste foto, spesso do troppa importanza al lavoro e non mi rendo conto quanto รจ importante osservare il mondo.
    Un bacione
    Fashion Blog - Maggie Dallospedale Fashion diary

    1. Mi sento onorata da questo tuo pensiero! Grazie!