Tuesday, 14 April 2015

White Background Photography. My Two Cents.

Dublin, April 2015. Spring and changeable weather are making me quite moody. To add insult to injury, I'm trying to re-teach myself how to take pictures indoor, while a super-noisy fly can't find its way out my studio.

During these years, many have asked me what's the secret for taking bright photographs like the one above. Well, my secret is no secret, is a sky window!

I know, I've been kind of cheating, but it is what it is. Natural light from above is diffuse, simply amazing for photographing small objects. Diffuse, but not intense, so it projects little or no shadow.

If you look at the shadows of these necklaces, you'll see the light always comes from above. ...and no, it has not to be midday, on the contrary! So, with natural light from above, I just had to put the item on a white background, and the white background under the sky-window. Using the camera's manual set I could then take many bright pictures, whose backgrounds are basically overexposed (i.e. thanks to a wide open diaphragm, but that's your choice).

Now that I have no longer the sky window making my life easy, I must follow the rules for the indoor photographer! I'm learning that, for having the same results, one can:

a) make or buy a light box.

b) take pictures back lit (i.e. against a window)

c) use as background kitchen foil (aluminium)

d) abuse photo-editing (below)

Today I've tried back lit. Back lit is difficult! You must play well with exposure, so not to "burn" the picture. It's no easy task to soften the shadows, which will point at you, and even get rid of undesired reflections can be hard!

I'll figure it out...for now, this is my first success:

Impressive, right?...but completely useless for listing a piece on Etsy! I'm frustrated! Since hours of work went waste like this, before crying, I'm better take a pause, or maybe a walk!

Have a nice day,


...I actually went for a walk!


  1. the first is very nice..i love its color

  2. nice pictures,I have always admired your photos-with clear,white background- my pictures are not so good!

    1. You're pictures are just fine, Agnieszka! Anyway, try my trick and see if you like them better!

  3. Ciao tesoro mio,
    quando ho visto questi gioielli, ho pensato delicati e romantici. Sono quei pezzi unici e speciali che vorresti indossare subito.
    Un bacione.
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