Wednesday, 24 June 2015


I felt I must make some cleaning and refilling before launching the new models. Things are still a bit rough, but hopefully I'll manage to have a larger, funnier shop! I reposted some sold out models changing the gemstones, like the piece below, made of blue chalcedony instead of black pearls.
The color is a nice pastel blue, and it downshifts from solid to transparent towards the ends.

I reloaded the silk headbands section with black, red, olive, and brown! It was not easy to find the silk this year, but it was worth the search! I love these little beauties!
I also restocked two little black chokers (more to come!), that seemed to be targeted by more than one customer. They are both simple and showy: one extra fine, one...massive!
Eventually, here comes again the tiger eye choker. Since many asked a finer version, I now have it in 8mm and 4mm. Unfortunately, 6mm is right now a rarity so I decided to let it go! However, I sincerely prefer the 8mm. It's maybe too much lady-like, but you can appreciate the gemstone shades so much better...

Ok, stop taking my time...Next post, the new stuff!!!

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