Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Agate Jewelry and Much More.

When it comes to crafting, my thought immediately goes to jewelry making. I reckon I'm always looking for new ideas, components, and techniques. Truth is, I don't have time to follow all the leads I gather, and every now and then I find myself deleting a few thousands bookmarks!

I think there's a reason why we like shiny things so much, and it's the same reason why there will always be room for more jewelry in a girl's heart! Well, at least in mine.

...I mean, I love sewing, and making my own clothes, but the satisfaction I gain from uploading the new items on Etsy remains unbeaten.
These days I made up for the suffering gemstone section of the shop beading up a dozen new pieces, using almost all the new gemstones. Ahem, I have more, but I promised myself I would not exceed (for the moment)!
Fortunately, I had some custom orders to fulfil so...I had to be more specific and less frivolous!
I couldn't let go on agate though, which I now have in hot pink, blue, red, yellow, and neutral colours. I like to take my chances with these little beauties.
However, yesterday, while stocking up supplies, I realised I may have a problem. I think I'm a shopaholic with a jewelry making (devious) preference! I should seek for a professional advice...and you? Do you have a crafting addiction? Let me know...

Have a nice day, 



  1. you are very creative and busy girl!:)

  2. Io vorrei tanto essere testimone delle tue creazioni.
    Davvero bellissimo
    Un bacione
    Fashion Blog - Maggie Dallospedale Fashion diary

  3. Beautiful pieces! The pink one is stunning! I always loved those stones but I never knew what they were called. Now, I do!