Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Rentrée 2015 (a Social Media Disaster Explained).

Hello everyone,
Ultra Fine Tiger's Eye

It has been a very busy summer, with tons of orders, crafty events, and of course the new pieces to add to the shop's inventory - both in jewellery and accessories. The balance is quite positive but, paradoxically, because of this and because of the summer holidays - plus some blues due to the Irish weather -, it has also been one of the longest period without updating the blog and the other social media. A social media disaster!!!

Red Jasper

Why is that? Well, I know that for many there is no fun in doing something if you then can't show it off on instagram, twitter, or facebook. To me, it's the opposite. So, when I'm busy, well, you know, it's like children with their veggies: all the posting, twitting, status updating...quite obviously, it's the first thing I leave behind. I cant' help it.

Watercolour Dyed Jade 

Anyhow, these you see are some of the new pieces I'm publishing right now, each made out of a different gemstone...I hope you like them!


Now I'm better go back to the daily duties: before noon I must be gone and come back from the post office, the grocery shop, the pharmacy and bla,bla because then I must be here waiting for the plumber. Last time, I waited two days, so, you know...better be ready!

Yellow Dyed Jade

Have a great rentrée 2015,