Wednesday, 7 October 2015

October Gardening, a Second Flowering

I don't have too many crafting updates, so I'm sharing random picks from my October gardening.  Well yes, you're right: she works from home, she makes jewellery, she sew her own clothes, and she's got a garden now...where's the cat?!?
You'll see it soon I guess! 
Sigh, I'm becoming a cliché...

However, I love it when it's sunny, because it means I can enjoy the garden with its lovely scents - which have changed a lot in the last few weeks. 
I find October kind of bitter-sweet and melancholic, but yet enjoyable. 

The fresh air is fantastic, and the colours too.


So, at the moment the queen of the garden is a decadent Begonia, totally baroque, growing fat in the shadow:

As opposed to the skinny Clematis, which is a nervous plant, skinny, possibly nasty: like a lizard, it continues regenerating spiralling up  toward the sun. It seems fragile, but it is having a late blossoming...

The herbs in their pots are doing well. They literally reach out for more sun though - sorry guys, it's Ireland!
The oregano is having a second flowering too.

I know it won't make the news me it's incredible that all these plants are flowering again in October. 
Even the cracks in the wall seem to have joined the party!

Have a nice day,