Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Back from a Long Vacation

Hi everybody, how are you? 
Long time no see :D

I know I hadn't been writing on this blog forever - well, clearly, from November 2015. And I know I could just stay disappeared and leave it alone, but I think it's nicer to write a few lines about it. 

So yes, about three years ago I just stopped updating here and then, a few months later, I put on vacation mode my shop on Etsy, the Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts.  

Why, and what have I done meantime? Well, let's say I was still busy with some kind of creativity: I had a baby girl, and suddenly found myself embarked on a totally new adventure.

However, as you can guess, I am back online. The shop is live from August and all is working smoothly again. I think I am not going to be as prolific though, and possibly stop writing as much as I used to, because - every new mom knows -, me-time is a precious gift and I possibly won't have enough of it for blogging.

Never say never, though...

Have a nice day,