Tuesday, 11 December 2018

The New Silk Obi Belts!

Hello everyone,

This is a funny story, really.

As soon as I went back to my sewing machine, I really had one of those "bad luck" episode with the silk I had bought and, since silk is quite expensive, it got me really upset. Briefly, though. You know me: a few tears, and then I am open for business as usual.

So, what was wrong with the silk? The weight. It really was so lightweight. It was difficult - but not impossible! - to sew and then, when I had already made three belts, I had to admit it: it was not right. Too thin, basically transparent and totally unable to "keep the crease."

I confronted the new silk with the one I had been using before and realised it was not the same! Same shop, same price, same everything...but the silk was not the right one!

Ok: major set backs happen. No need to panic.

Of course it took me forever to find another decent silk. I had to renounce to taffeta - which is currently not easy to find - and pick raw silk again, as at the very beginning!

However, my schedule is quite tight at the moment with the little one and all. So even when I'd finally got the new silks, I still had to find the right time (and space) to sew the new-new obi belts.

And to be honest, I haven't finished yet. But I am getting there :D

However, any new mom knows going back to work is not simple, for establishing a routine for the kids means you don't get to have one, and the many accidents, disruptions and set backs (and moments of sleep deprived chaos) are so many.

I am an optimist though, and a stubborn woman, so don't worry, I am getting it done!

Have a nice day,


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